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Your Health

Make the most of your healthcare benefits by understanding your coverage options, taking advantage of available resources and making informed benefit choices during Open Enrollment and throughout the year.

How your Medical Coverage works

As a UnitedHealthcare medical plan member, you have all the tools and resources you need to take charge of your health. 

Your Medical Plan Options

Plexus offers 2 high deductible health plans that include a tax-advantaged health savings account (HSA), as well as a traditional medical plan:

  • Consumer Choice 2000
  • Consumer Choice 4000*
  • CMP

To see how the 3 plans compare, download the medical plan grid. While our plans differ in how costs are shared, they work in much the same way.

1. Your Deductible

You pay 100% until your deductible is met. Network preventive care is covered 100% and not subject to the deductible. For the CMP plan, you pay a copay for some expenses, including doctor visits and prescriptions.

2. Your Coinsurance

Once you meet your deductible, the plan will begin to pay a share and you will pay a share of expenses. You’ll always pay less when you stay in the network. If you go out of the network, you pay more.

3. Your Out-of-Pocket Maximum

Once you reach your out-of-pocket maximum, the plan will pay 100% of eligible expenses for the rest of the year.

Your HSA

If you enroll in a Consumer Choice plan, Plexus will contribute $650 for individual coverage or $1,000 for family coverage. Company contributions are made on a per-paycheck basis and will be pro-rated. Be sure to elect the HSA in Workday in order to receive the Plexus contribution.

*If you enroll in the Consumer Choice 4000 medical plan, you will automatically be enrolled in Basic Critical Illness insurance at no additional cost** based on your medical coverage level.
**Plexus pays the premium, but will withhold tax for the premium amount to ensure any benefit received is tax-free. This will appear on your paycheck as Critical Illness imputed income.


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