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Your Life Events

Certain life changes can affect your pay and benefits. Make sure to make changes timely.

Qualifying Life Events

You can enroll or make a change to your benefits during the year if you’ve experienced a qualifying life event, such as:

  • Change in marital status.
  • Change in number of dependents (i.e., birth, death or adoption).
  • Change in employment status for you, your spouse or dependent impacting coverage.
  • Change in dependent eligibility (i.e., attaining age 26).
  • Medicare or Medicaid entitlement for you, your spouse or dependent causing gain or loss of coverage.
  • Gain or loss of other coverage through your spouse or for your dependent.
  • Receipt of a Qualified Medical Child Support Order (QMCSO).
  • Job status changes, such as from part-time, seasonal or temporary status to full-time status.

You may add or terminate coverage, change coverage levels (i.e., from single to family coverage), and add or remove dependents. However, you cannot change plans mid-year (i.e., from Consumer Choice 2000 to CMP). 

Required Notices can be found on

Don’t Delay; Act Within 31 Days of Event

If you experience a qualified life event, you need to make changes within 31 days of the event in Workday. You will need to provide support for the event. Instructions can be found at the link above.

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