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Your Wellbeing

We’re all striving to be better. And no matter what your personal goals and challenges are, Plexus offers a wide variety of programs and resources to help you along your journey. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, manage a health condition or handle stress, we offer the support and care you need.

Career Development

Our people create our best Plexus. Whether through technical training or leadership development opportunities, we encourage all employees to look for ways to grow and develop. 

Developing your career requires time and commitment. Our Plexus Talent Development programs and activities help employees identify and pursue areas of opportunity, interest, and passion to support their career aspirations.

The cornerstone of talent development begins with you-the employee. By setting development goals, you set the stage for progressing   against specific development-related objectives. Different from performance evaluations, development goals are focused on the future, outlining areas of opportunity and specific activities designed to build capability in anticipation of future responsibilities or roles. Your leader, HR partner, and Learning & Development Manager are resources at your fingertips—each can play a significant role in supporting you as you grow and develop at Plexus.

One of our exciting new resources for employees is Plexus Academy, a global learning engagement platform that puts you, the employee, at the helm of your own development. With access to Plexus-centric learning for all key functional areas, as well as user-license access to over 10,000 online learning resources, Plexus Academy utilizes modern learning methods like micro-videos to make development easily integrated into your weekly schedule. To learn more, click here.

To support you along your development journey, our Learning & Development SharePoint page offers a variety of resources such as:

  • Upcoming Leadership Development trainings you can take, right from your own computer
  • Plexus Academy information and quick links
  • Career Development Hub to help you get started in writing career goals
  • Leaders resources to support and empower employee-driven development

Go to PLXS-CORP > Human Resources > Learning & Development for more resources. 

Get Started Today

Get started by reviewing the development process and resources available here. Then, talk with your leader or HR partner about making the development process work for you!